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02 December 2009 @ 03:06 pm
So, it looks like this is how things are going to play out. The people who currently want to drop have dropped. The rest of you are still more than welcome to decide whether to stay or leave. This time, I'm going to see through this entire situation, despite hard feelings or grudges. Again, I apologize to anyone who feels let down, but the first time I left Parameter was because I wasn't thick-skinned enough to endure all the shots being taken at me even before the 'crash.' And it seems, this time around, I am.

I had intended to do this originally, in March, but I'm going to do it now - no regrets. I'm going to put a hiatus on Parameter to re-work everything I had planned for this community. Those of you who choose to stay may still play here when the hiatus is over. Parameter was originally something just for Eli, Ferret, and me, and then it grew. As much as it was our playground, it was everyone else's, and I tried to be fair for roleplaying's sake but, in the end, call me selfish because I'm human, Parameter itself meant the world to me and I had never let it go because I had seen what it had been, what it became, and what it could still be.

You can come away from this, if you're leaving, and remember me as the selfish mod, stupid mod, dictator, what have you. But it's never easy to create, and to have modded, your own fandom community, having to deal with the setbacks and the frustration and the disagreements. Sure, it's easy to point to the new mods and say you liked them well enough, but until you have all been mods of a community you yourself have created, you might never know what it's really like. I've made enemies, and I've turned friends into enemies, but if there's nothing else I can cherish more, it would be, just, Parameter and all the memories made from it. No, I'm not a bad person, maybe a little misguided sometimes, but it's a learning experience and I've got everything I need now to make the next run worth waiting for.

So, what I'm meaning to say is: thank you all for having played here, made friends here, and for having had a good time here. Those of you who wish to stay, if any, I'll be excited to meet you all again when the hiatus ends. Best of luck to those of you who are moving onto new communities. Parameter actually had a good one-year run with a few hiccups, but I only love it all the more. I'm wishing that you all enjoy your holidays this year. Even moreso, I'm excited to see the new faces that will show up when Parameter starts again.

And just as little note, if you are dropping, leave your drop on the official mod journal post. People who are staying, you won't need to reapply when the game begins again.

And also a little note to Tarei: Thank you so much for all you've done for this community. I'm trying to think of all the right words, but I don't have any. You have been the best thing that ever happened to this community since the crash, and of course I won't let you go unless you want to. I'd love for you to stay, to wait this out, and to be there for Ferret and me when Parameter goes back up for business again. I want you to know that I could never forget your work, effort, and dedication to make all of this happen. It turns out, you might not believe this now, but you'll see, that there will be a great upside once things have been worked out after the hiatus. I'm not demanding that you stay for the long hall, because you've had enough as it is. But all in all, I couldn't have asked for a better head mod, and it would overjoy me to see you come back.
17 November 2009 @ 12:14 am
Thanks to a good suggestion from Micha, and the means to do it (thanks!), here is a zip file containing a backup of the log community thus far. It's in HTML files, split up by month. I also put in the backup I did of the OOC comm, but you'll need the program Micha suggested here in order to be able to read it. That one didn't want to convert to HTML files for some reason.

Anyway, without further ado: Click to download.

Just so you know, it was a few hours ago when I yanked the data, so anything people have written later this evening won't be in it. I think everything up until then is complete, though.